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Sugar-coated Laziness

Check out this study. Researchers found that when "teenage" rats (30-45 days old) consumed massive amounts of sugar, they became extremely difficult to train as adults. For two weeks or so during adolescence, one group of rats had free access to a tasty 5% sucrose solution, while the control group only had water available. Similar to some American teenagers, the experimental group of rats consumed about 20% of their daily caloric intake as simple sugar.

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Can High Blood Glucose Levels Cause Cancer?

Diets high in simple sugars and refined carbs cause metabolic disorders and Type II diabetes in millions of Americans. But to make matters worse, new evidence suggests that high sugar diets may be even more dangerous than we initially thought. Having too much excess sugar in the bloodstream is never a good thing, and can lead to medical complications such as kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, and eye problems. But could high blood sugar also cause cancer? A Swedish research team addressed this question by tracking over 500,000 patients for 10-25 yeas, and published their results in the December issue of PLoS Medicine.

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Much Ado About Sugar

Since the 1980's, American soft drinks have been sweetened with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), and it's rapidly becoming the sweetener of choice in most processed foods.  Critics are quick to point a finger at this enigmatic sugar as the root of all evil, claiming its empty calories are contributing to the obesity epidemic, and the numerous chemical processes needed to make it are simply "unnatural".  These accusations didn't sit well with "King Corn", and The Corn Refiners Association fired back with a series of TV commercials stating that HFCS was in fact natural, and completely safe in moderation.  Government officials have been talking out of both sides of their mouths on the issue, first allowing HFCS to be called natural, then recently proposing it be taxed, thereby equating it to other unhealthy items, such as cigarettes.  With all this conflicting information, what should the public think?  Should we avoid HFCS at all costs?  How does HFCS compare to other sugar sweeteners?

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