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Will Keas Live Up To Its Potential?

"The human body does enormously well healing itself," Keas founder, and ex-Google Health lead, Adam Bosworth told Health 2.0 conference-goers shortly after stepping on stage.  On the heels of an article in the New York Times that touted the company's beta launch, Bosworth walked the crowd through the way we'll keep ourselves healthy in the future, using Keas' platform.

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Health 2.0 Conference: Clinician-Patient Interaction

The morning session focused on clinician-patient interactions.  Executives from MycaVisionTreeAmericanWell, and ReachMyDoctor, presented their virtual doctors' office visit tools. All of the tools had similar features, such as online scheduling, and the choice of different types of offices visits, such as IM chat or video.  Most integrated well with personal health records, so that during an office visit, the physician had access to the patient's medication refill history, or overdue routine preventive medical tests, such as blood-work, prostate screens, or mammograms.

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Improving Your Medical Literacy

The ideas behind The Decision Tree, in a sense, focus on ways to create the next-generation patient.  This new kind of patient will have to understand the context of their own medical self through a combination of genetics, personal metrics/data, and statistics.  Needless to say, understanding one's own medical self will also require an increased medical literacy, where patients understand both their conditions, as well as where they fall within the spectrum of their disease.

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