TED & the Inspiration Behind Iodine

Earlier this year, TED published a nice story about the impact of my TED talk on redesigning medical data and the role it played in inspiring me to found the health technology company Iodine. The TED piece provided a first look at Iodine's Med Labels project.

In mid-December 2013 Iodine launched its first project: Med Labels, which are redesigned FDA drug labels. Search for any FDA-approved drug in the Med Labels database, and you’ll see all the information submitted by drug companies to the FDA in an easy-to-read format, indexed with links for jumping to relevant information … Check out Iodine’s labels, versus the FDA originals, at the bottom of this post.

Iodine’s easy-to-understand Med Label for Prozac. Click on the image to see it a little bigger.

A look at the FDA’s label for Prozac. Click on the image to read its sprawling complexity in detail.

Also, I've been blogging over on the Iodine Blog. Check out my interviews with Susannah Fox and Eric Topol.

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