I’ve spent much of my career as a journalist, writing and editing at WIRED,
the Wall Street Journal, Inc., and elsewhere.

Below are some recent & favorite pieces.


The Notification Apocalypse If your startup needs to trick people to succeed, your product probably isn't good enough.

We Don't Know: What to Eat Why can’t science solve our most basic question of survival?

We Don't Know: How to Count Dead People It turns out that one of the hardest problems in medicine seems like it should be one of the simplest: how to count disease and death.

The Power of Feedback Loops The premise of a feedback loop is simple: Provide people with information about their actions in real time, then give them a chance to change those actions, pushing them toward better behaviors.

The Diabetic's Paradox Health self-tracking is in vogue. But is it more of a boon or a burden?

Open Source Everywhere Software is just the beginning … open source is doing for mass innovation what the assembly line did for mass production. Get ready for the era when collaboration replaces the corporation.

How Kaggle Is Changing the Way We Work Like it or not, hyper-efficient job markets are on their way.

Is It a Stradivarius? Of all the violins made by Antonio Stradivari, the Messiah has long been subject of whispers about it being a fake.

Free the Dark Data A vast body of secret knowledge is a drag on scientific progress. This information — call it dark data — must be set free.