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PLoS Blogs Launches

Greetings from London, where I’ll be situated for the next few days.  I’m here to attend the Science Online London 2010 conference on Friday and Saturday, representing PLoS. I’m happy to announce that yesterday we announced the launch of a grand new endeavor, a scientific blog network, PLoS Blogs.  As the resident community manager (and avid in-house proponent of PLoS getting into the blogging scene), I’ve been tapped to manage this group as well.

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Curiosity as Vice and Virtue

Copernicus and Galileo had it easy. Those two lived during the middle of the European Renaissance, a time when creativity and curiosity were norms in society.  Sure, the church came down hard on their views on where the earth stood in relation to the rest of the universe.  But, basically, the church simply disagreed with the details of their argument.  (Well, I guess calling someone a heretic is slightly more than disagreeing with someone, but you know what I mean...)

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Science Rock Stars

In a recent post, I talked about the dangers of celebrities promoting pseudoscience.  Well, maybe the celebrities have redeemed themselves.  GQ featured a pictorial of scientists kicking it with rock stars such as Joe Perry and Sheryl Crow, aimed to raise public awareness of important medical and scientific research.

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