Discussing Visualizing Health & Flip the Clinic

I was honored to be interviewed for the TEDMED Blog Visionary Series and to discuss my work as Entrepreneur in Residence at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on the Flip the Clinic and Visualizing Health projects. Speaking on Visualizing Health, I said:

There are the Edward Tufte’s of the world who have an expert [design] sense. But we wanted to actually validate, through statistical surveys and other testing instruments, what works best for different groups. We tested pie, bar and spread charts and different visualizations on various audiences and now have a library.

Visualizing Health launched this month. Through a partnership with the University of Michigan School of Public Health and a handful of talented designers led by Tim Leong, we've set out to develop and scientifically test ways of visually communicating health data. You can see a few examples below, but be sure to head over to and check out the full gallery. You can also learn more in this Culture of Health blog post.

In January, I moderated a TEDMED Great Challenges Google+ Hangout about Flip the Clinic, focusing on rethinking the clinical visit to maximize value for both providers and patients. Watch the discussion and comment below with your thoughts about flipping the clinic.