Phiten Aqua-Titanium Necklaces: Sound Science or Hype?

2010-07-28 at 15-58-54 by jkorn

My latest post on Wired Playbook went up today, "Titanium Baseball Neckwear Big on Hype, Short on Science", which looks at the science & tech behind the popular rope necklaces that many Major League Baseball players are wearing:

During these 2010 Major League Baseball playoffs, you didn’t have to spend money on pricey playoff tickets, or even watch the games on a spankin’ new high-def TV, to see the latest buzz in MLB.

Twisted around many stars’ necks has been a thickly braided and variously colored rope made by Phiten, a Kyoto-based company with U.S. operations and distribution. Phiten, if you don’t know, manufactures a series of “health bands” — like the models that have proliferated throughout MLB clubhouses — which they claim can reduce fatigue and speed up recovery after hard workouts and intense competitions.

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photo via Flickr/jkorn

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