Big News, Big Changes

Two-and-a-half years ago, I met Thomas as a burned-out postdoc contemplating a career change.  On our first meeting, I asked him what sort of job existed for a someone who loved science but didn’t want to work in the lab, had a deep interest in writing and communication, and wanted to be a part of building tools to disseminate scientific information to the public.  I finally found the answer to my question. At the end of the month, I'll be moving out of the lab (once and for all) and headed over to the Public Library of Science (PLoS) as the new Community Manager of PLoS Hubs.  I am thrilled about the new opportunity, and very much looking forward to working with the super talented team at PLoS.

Several people have asked me what exactly I’ll be doing as Community Manager.  PLoS has an exciting new post-publication product launching in a few months called Hubs, which will aggregate the most relevant research and discussion around particular topics.  As Community Manager, I’ll help build and maintain these communities, stay abreast of new developments, and work with other members of the team to develop new features and tools.

My apologies for the limited posts here at The Decision Tree and sporadic updates on Twitter over the past few months.  Disentangling myself from my lab work took much more time and effort than I expected.  Rest assured, I have some good posts in store, and I hope to expand the breadth of topics I cover as I dive into the world of open access publishing and scientific community.

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