The Book Hits the Store

Whew, what a week. The Decision Tree debuted to some great acclaim and attention, and I think it's useful to update some of the highlights here.

Freakonomics blog @ A q/a with the Freaknomics blog about decision making, when screening makes sense, and the utility of genetic testing.

Big Money: I Wanna CT Scan Your Hand: An excerpt that discusses how the high price of CT scans adds to healthcare costs. The Wonder Drug Myth: Another excerpt, this one about the infrequently discussed miss-rate of drugs.

BoingBoing: An astute read of the book by Bill Guerstelle.

Gizmodo on Sleep Gadgets: A piece I wrote for them about how gadgets like sleep trackers can help us monitor and improve our health.

Also, I'm grateful to power tweets from Tim Ferriss, Dan Pink, Steve Case, Deepak Chopra, and countless others. Hopeful for another big week!