How To Make Better Decisions For Your Health

Quick snip of my latest post on Huffington Post, which is generating a terrific response today.

Every day, we make dozens of decisions without thinking about them: what to feed the kids, how fast to drive to work, whether to hit the snooze bar. We make most of these decisions without a second thought. We go with our gut.

For other decisions, though, we have to pause, consider our options, and bring our best judgment to bear. This can be uneasy territory -- and it can get especially fraught with decisions about our health, when we often lack a strategy for weighing all the information on the table. We're not sure where to start.

But making smart decisions about our health doesn't have to provoke anxiety. It turns out we're well equipped to consider a range of options and make the right call. We just need to keep a few principles in mind.

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Thomas GoetzComment