Aspen health forum: crossroads of healthcare thinking

I'm spending the weekend at the Aspen Health Forum in, uh, Aspen. It's an interesting lineup- there's dr. Oz and Deepak Chopra and Goldie Hawn doing the wellness thing, dan glickman and Anthony fauci and Tom daschle doing the policy thing, and Adam bosworth and Linda stone and David Agustin doing the tech/medicine thing. With reform looming, it makes sense to dwell on the prospect of where to take healthcare, and there are some intriguing panels on global health and swine flu. I'm loking forward to catching up on those topics.It is interesting to me, though, how there's a problem- centric orientation to the discussion, but for the touchy-feely stuff from Chopra et al. I guess I like my optimism to come from science and strategy rather than talk of happiness and yoga. (Esther dyson tweeter this thought much quicker than I've explained it here).

I've been thinking about this in terms of the Decision Tree, and I've come to call it 'bottom-up healthcare reform'- engaging individuals in the same goals of overall reform, vis a vis prevention and behavior change and smart screening appropriate treatments. I wish this approach was more explicitly on the agenda.

Anyway, there are some nifty panels. So I'll be searching out for the smart insights and will wrap them up here.