Interfacing Personal Data Collection with Electronic Medical Records

A few weeks ago, I posted a summary of a few gadgets that tracked personal metrics (steps taken, sleep quality, etc.).  I highlighted these particular devices because they took some of the hassle out of self-tracking by automating the process of collecting data and storing it in a personal database on the device's website.

Following up on that post, I read an article at Technology Review today that talked about personal data monitors that interface directly with Microsoft's electronic medical record system, Health Vault.  Now, when you step on a scale or take your blood pressure (with compatible devices), your personal metrics will not only streamline to a single site, but will also associate with your health record, which will make this information easier to share and discuss with your physician.

The article says that interfacing personal health metrics with electroinc medical records is a step in the right direction, but it stil requires the user to physically "do" something (i.e. step on a scale, or take a blood pressure measurement).  However, soon it may become easier for us to monitor our personal metrics, as a quote from the story says that in the future, "...Band-Aid-like sensors on the skin might monitor blood pressure or heart rate continuously".

Brian MossopComment