Thanks for the shout out, Lance


Despite the holiday doldrums, there's been lots of great responses out there to my Truth About Cancer story in Wired. But my favorite is this amusing tidbit: Friends know I'm an avid cyclist - inspired, in fact, by my father in law, a ferocious cyclist and athlete who died of bladder cancer in 2001. The closest I've come to fandom in recent years is rooting on Lance Armstrong through his seven Tour De France wins (very eager to see what happens this year with his comeback).

So imagine my glee when I was forwarded this Tweet from Lance's Twitter feed:

Sitting by the pool reading the new WIRED. Cover story called "The Truth About Cancer". Good read and right in many ways.about 6 hours ago from TwitterBerry

In addition to his cycling prowess and his famous history with cancer, Lance has turned his Lance Armstrong Foundation into one of the most recognized and most formidable nonprofits out there working on cancer. I'm glad to see that he agrees that early detection and smarter screening are integral to the fight.

Thomas GoetzComment